Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Charts Say we Aren't in a New Bear Market

From guest blogger Kevin Kiefer at Ticker House.Com

Everyone is bearish now... should you be selling after a nearly 10% correction now? I don't think so. Even if your a believer in a double dip recession and a market crash, the charts show that now is probably not the time for that. For predicting the future, we are using the S&P 500 monthly 10 year chart. Over the last 10 years, we have never entered a bear market while the MACD was positive. With this 10% correction, the RSI is now down back to 50 and the MACD is still positive.

That leads me to believe that the RSI will not break 50 and that we are exactly laying the foundation for a bottom here. Remember the 50 level on the RSI is pivot point because below 50 signals a bear market while above 50 signals a bull market. Not only are the charts saying this is not the start of a crash but the fundamentals in the US also do not support it. Last time we broke the 200 day moving average in late 2007, we were losing jobs, our banking system was reporting huge write downs and home prices were falling.

April's job report was very good with around 220,000 private sector jobs being created and March's numbers were revised upwards. Before we panic out of the market, let's wait to see what happens this week. We'll be watching the 200 day on the SPY daily chart and the RSI on the 10 year monthly SPY chart. The RSI needs to hold 50 on that chart for us to remain bullish. Below is the chart of the SPY 10 year monthly. I have circled the areas of importance.

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