Friday, May 14, 2010

Commodities Technical Outlook For Friday Morning

Crude oil's fall from 87.15 resumed by taking out 74.51 support and reaches as low as 72.72 so far. Intraday bias is now on the on the downside for 61.8% projection of 87.15 to 74.51 from 78.51 at 70.70 first. Break will have a test on key support zone of 68.59/69.50. On the upside, break of 78.51 resistance is needed to indicate that crude oil has bottomed. Otherwise, outlook will remain bearish and another fall is still expected even in case of recovery. In the bigger picture, as noted before, rise from 33.20 is viewed as a correction to the whole correction that started at 2008 at 147.27. Such rise might have completed at 87.15 already, ahead of 50% retracement of 147.27 to 33.2 at 90.24. Break of 69.50 support will break the series of higher low pattern from 33.2 and will be an important indication that the trend has reversed. In such case, we'll turn bearish on crude oil and expect the then down trend to target a new low below 33.2.

Natural gas' rise from 3.855 extends further to as high as 4.414 so far and further rally might still be seen. However, strong resistance should be seen at 38.2% retracement of 5.68 to 3.81 at 4.524 to conclude the consolidation from 3.81 finally and bring down trend resumption. Below 4.109 minor support will flip intraday bias back to the downside. Decisive break of 3.81 low will target 3.0 psychological level next. In the bigger picture, medium term rebound from 2.409 has completed at 6.108 and the three wave corrective structure of the rebound argues that it's merely a correction, or part of the consolidation in the larger down trend. Current fall from 6.108 might extend further for a retest on 2.409 low next after sustaining below 61.8% retracement of 2.409 to 6.108 at 3.822. Sustained trading above 4.386 resistance is needed to be the first sign that the trend in natural gas has reversed. Otherwise, outlook will remain bearish.

While gold is losing some upside momentum, further rise would remain in favor as long as 1216.2 minor support holds. Current rally should extend to 1300 psychological level next. On the downside, below 1216.2 minor support will turn intraday bias neutral and bring consolidations. But downside should be contained above 1170.7 resistance turned support and bring rally resumption. In the bigger picture, the break of 1227.5 indicates that correction from there is already completed at 1044.5 already. Longer term rally from 931.3 should have resumed. Next target will be 100% projection of 931.3 to 1227.5 from 1044.5 at 1340. Also, such rally is viewed as part of the long term up trend from 1999 low of 253. We're looking at the prospect of extending the up trend towards 100% projection of 253 to 1033.9 from 681 at 1462 level.

From the staff at ONG-Focus


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