Monday, June 21, 2010

Phil Flynn: The Dollar Drops While China Rocks

The dollar drops while China rocks. China has either given in to pressure or has realized that its peg to the dollar may soon become counterproductive.China shook the global markets by announcing that they were going to allow their currency to be more flexible. As expected, oil soared on the news because the move will make oil cheaper in China and may inspire more Chinese buying of more commodities! Yet will this be for the long haul as a stronger yuan may slow exports by making Chinese goods more expensive overseas. For now though it is a commodity buying spree as the markets react to what most people feel will be the most obvious result.

The Wall Street Journal says that China’s central bank's statement Saturday came as a surprise and effectively marked the end of currency's de-facto peg to the U.S. dollar. It has been seen as a clear signal that China will let the yuan resume a gradual rise against the U.S. dollar after nearly two years of being effectively pegged around CNY6.83 to the U.S. dollar. Property developers were among the biggest gainers, as a stronger yuan would attract fund inflows and strengthen demand for real estate in China.....Read the entire article.

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