Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phil Flynn: End Game In Sight

Hey, can I get some of those 20 billion dollars in BP's escrow account? This BP spill has caused me to lose sleep and has given me some emotional stress. That should be worth $20,000-30,000.00 at least! BP put up hoping to get Obama to shut up and perhaps to get assurances that the Obama administration and BP will both survive. Obama got a much needed political win and I am sure BP got some things in return as it appears the bitter rivals came together to save their own skins. BP made the deal to save their company and the President made a deal to save his presidency as it is getting harder and harder to guess which side of this duo was less popular with the American people.

This has become a political nightmare for Obama as the American people have been amazed at how inept he has been at responding to this crisis. He has put politics ahead of the best interests of the people down in the Gulf with his failure to waive the Jones act and by misleading the American people about expert calls for a drilling moratorium that has destroyed his rapport and trust with the American public. Even his own supporters were turning on him. Obama needed BP and BP needed Obama and it makes one wonder why the administration was not involved with and talking with BP all along. At the end of the day.....Read the entire article.


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