Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phil Flynn: Oil Prices Rise On Leaked Information

That is right! The jobs report was leaked causing a rally in the stock market! Who got their hands on this valuable inside information and leaked it to the marketplace at large? Well believe it or not it was Obama himself. What!? I know! Yet that is exactly what he did. Speaking at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the President said, “After losing an average of 750,000 jobs a month during the winter of last year, we have now added jobs for five of the last six months, and we expect to see strong job growth in Friday's report.” Ah ha!!!

Do you think he knows something? Now that is just one day after the Vice President Joe Biden said that the upcoming May employment report would show a much larger number of jobs created than in the previous month, when 290,000 jobs were added. Do you think he knows something? Ok, silly question. But of course the market took the President seriously anyway helping to drive stocks and the oil market higher.Why oil? Well based on improving US demand expectations on better US jobs outlook we might actually consume more oil.

That thought was enforced by some pretty strong auto sales data. It seems that in the Month of May while the stock market was tanking auto sales were soaring! Maybe some people were taking their stock profits to buy new cars. Ford, GM and Chrysler all saw double digit sales gains over May of a year ago according to the AP. The AP reported, “May marked the seventh straight month of year-over-year sales increases for the auto industry. Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., and Chrysler Group L.L.C. saw double digit sales gains over the same month last year, when GM was headed into bankruptcy, joining Chrysler”.....Read the entire article.

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