Friday, June 25, 2010

Phil Flynn: Pricing In Mediocrity

Global oil markets are finding it hard to get excited living in this new post Federal Reserve World. The passion left the market place and sunk in to a kind of what might be described as a stag deflation mode. All across the yield curve, from the short end to the long, yields are sinking to near record lows. While cheap money is keeping our economy meandering along, it is not the type of drive that seems to be the type of growth that will translate into strong energy demand. What’s more, even stories that are normally bullish for oil and the products are not giving the market the support you would expect.

For example the Chinese allowed their currency, the yuan renimbi, to rise to what is called the highest level in the modern era. The Wall Street Journal reported that on the over the counter market, the dollar was at CNY6.7900 around 0930 GMT, down from Thursday's close of CNY6.7997. It traded between CNY6.7856 and NY6.7977. The low end of the range was below the previous modern-era intraday low of NY6.7958, set Monday. The yuan is up 0.53% this week. Yet not even what many thought would be a bullish move for oil has given us much play. In fact oil lost ground on the announcement.Now some say that is because the move by the Chinese was only a.....Read the entire article.

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