Friday, July 16, 2010

Phil Flynn: Capped!

Great News for the oil industry and all of America and the world! The leak in the Gulf is capped! Finally for the first time since the Deep Water Horizon exploded back in April there is no oil leaking from that deepwater well. Still BP and the government are not celebrating just yet. The company still is worried that higher pressure inside the well could cause of explosions in other parts of the pipeline and is monitoring the well by checking pressure every 6 hours. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and say a prayer.

Of course what traders really want to know if the upside in oil is capped? Over the last few days the oil market seems to have taken a leadership role in leading the stock market higher and the rest of the world lower. As of late oil traders are taking a more skeptical take on the global economic recovery because despite the slew of good feelings that permeated the marketplace to start the week in the oil patch the facts just does not back those gushy feelings up. The week of old fashion supply and demand fundamentals for the oil market does not bode well for the upside of the oil market or for the economic recovery over all.....Read the entire article.

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