Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phil Flynn: Fundamentally Flawed

Another failed upside breakout as the global oil market continues to wallow in this endless trading range. As the bull and bear frustrations continue to mount, I have heard traders on both sides of the market that tell me that somehow the markets are wrong and that the fundamentals do not justify the current price. In other words that the market is somehow fundamentally flawed and that the price is out of whack with either your bullish or perhaps bearish reality. Oil bulls are frustrated with the lack of investment that they see in the oil industry and feel we are over estimating the drop in demand.

They point to China and its explosive growth and its growing appetite for oil. They say that the market is not correctly accessing event risk especially with the type of talk coming out of Iran and Israel in recent days especially in the aftermath of European sanctions. The oil bulls say that despite the drop in demand that as the economy continues to recover oil supplies will tighten faster than you think. The latest to express that frustration was noted oil bulls Goldman Sachs who just recently exclaimed that crude oil prices are “significantly” below the level warranted by fundamentals.....Read the entire article.

What do Super Traders have in common?


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