Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phil Flynn: They Keep Me Hanging On

Set me free, why don't ya babe. Get out my life, why don't ya babe. Cause you don't really want to buy me, you just keep me hanging' on. You don't really need me but you keep me hanging' on. The oil bulls have got to be asking that question. Why oh why do you keep me hanging on by my finger tips?

Another failed rally after the stocks led oil up it was the oil that led the whole mess down. Now even the most bullish analysts are starting to turn bearish as their bullish fantasies are becoming a nightmare. Of course if they are turning bearish should I be turning bullish? At some point the data is coming home to roost.

A sluggish economic recovery underpinned by a weak employment picture does not bode well for the economic recovery. Oh sure oil got a bounce on the fact that the Institute for Supply Management, (ISM) said its index tracking service oriented was still expanding at 53.8 yet how could that carry the day when it was and below market expectations.

Oil bulls started to ask themselves why is this bullish and starting to dump contracts late in the afternoon. That kind of market action with a failed rally might be the precursor to a total market meltdown.....Read the entire article.

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