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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phil Flynn: Dancing With Wolves

You know every once in a while someone defines what you have been trying to say and does it a way that is clear and concise and in terms so clear that you have to say yes, that is exactly what I have been trying to say. For months I have been telling you that despite the fact that I am long term bearish on oil I felt the better way to play this market was not to be married to either a dogmatically bull or bear position but to take advantage of the ranges. I said don’t be a hero, oil is making wide swings.

I pointed out that if you sold oil earlier in the year you are making money now but you would have been down as well and given those profits back many times. If you were long you are losing money. Unlike past years when I advocated being long and hanging on or selling and hanging on this year you are better off not being a bull or bear you are better off being a wolf. Yes Wolf! That’s it! That’s what I have been trying to say! Yes I am bearish and I think oil will eventually breakout on the downside but that moment is being delayed mainly by global economic stimulus.....Read the entire article.


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