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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only a Handful of Investors Truly Understand

Think of it as light heavy oil, thick and gooey enough that it needs a pump to get out of the ground, but not so thick that it needs expensive heating to flow, hence the name cold flow. Now when I say that cold flow heavy oil is the most profitable, I mean that producers get more profit per barrel (the netback) than from other types of oil.

For every dollar producers put in the ground to get the oil, they get anywhere from $3-$7 back, sometimes up to $11, compared to $1-$3 for light oil. That's due to two factors:

1. The heavy oil is shallow so it doesn't cost much to get out, and
2. U.S. refineries love Canadian crude as Mexico and Venezuela heavy oil production declines, so heavy oil prices in Canada are now strong

And Canada has more of this oil than anyone else in the world. The real opportunity comes from the fact that right now, at this very moment, only a few junior and intermediate producers focus on cold flow heavy oil. That will soon change and as a result, investors will see a host of explosive new profit opportunities as this massive Canadian resource gets developed.

But make no mistake, the biggest, juiciest profits will come from those companies who are already in the cold flow heavy oil game. I've just prepared a new research report that examines three fast growing producers who stand to provide early investors with astounding returns as a result of this opportunity.

This new report, "North America's Heavy Oil and 3 Junior Heavy Oil Producers Set to Explode", spells out all the details, including:

* A detailed explanation of heavy oil and how big the market for it might be * How new technology will impact the market and create new opportunities for forward-thinking investors in the coming months * Why we're in the midst of extraordinary times for Canadian heavy oil producers and how long these good times might last * And most importantly, the names of three carefully selected junior/intermediate Canadian heavy oil producers perfectly positioned to take advantage of this unique market scenario.

You can claim your copy of this detailed report "North America's Heavy Oil and 3 Junior Heavy Oil Producers Set to Explode", immediately via email by clicking the link below.

While this report includes the type of research that might ordinarily cost hundreds of dollars, and includes three stocks with triple digit profit potential. But don't delay, as word begins to spread of the opportunity in cold flow heavy oil, the stocks revealed in this report will begin to move up sharply and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

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