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Friday, September 10, 2010

Phil Flynn: The Buck Stops

President Truman used to have a sigh on his desk that the buck stops here. President Obama should have one that says the buck stops with the last administration. If you are going to solve the problem you have to admit you have a problem yet the entire Democratic Party is lost in this sense of what I would call arrogant denial. In fact in some cases it is downright scary. Did anyone see that interview with Harry Reid that sad that he had nothing to do with the bad economy?

The man echo has been the Senate Majority Leader since 2007 and in the senate since 1986 the tear the Bears last won a Super Bowl and yet he gives this Pontius Pilate impression that he washes his hands of the whole thing> Is this guy even in touch with reality? And what are more scary folks is that he actually believes it! And if the economy is a failure and he has been in the Senate since 1986 and he has had nothing to do with the Economy then he is a failure at being a failure.....Read the entire article.

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