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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phil Flynn: Earl, The Grinch That Stole Labor Day

All of the Who’s down in Whoville may be safe but it seems Hurricane Earl is bent on washing out and stealing their Labor Day fun! The holiday weekend may wash away for many states up and down the East coast.

As Hurricane Earl barrels down it will bring a crashing end to the summer gasoline demand season that was already not up to par with market expectations. The so called “Summer of Recovery” and the all of the gasoline and oil demand expectations that came along with it, now looks like it should be more appropriately titled “The Boulevard of Broken dreams”.

Up and down the Easy Coast of the United States, vacations, tee times, picnics and frivolity of all kinds are being canceled as that heartless monster, Earl, is showing us he has not learned the true meaning of the Labor day holiday which is to relax and burn up a lot of gas. And Earl has his accomplices and no, it is not a dog dressed up as a reindeer.

No, Earl's accomplice is a companion tropical storm named Fiona and a potential tropical wave behind that as well will, at the very least, assure us some very lousy weather for much of the East Coast from Florida with the worst in the Carolina’s all the way up potentially to New York.....Read the entire article.

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