Monday, September 13, 2010

Phil Flynn: Just When You Thought Gas Prices Were Going To Go Down

Just when you thought gas prices were going to go down. A pipeline leak and strong economic data out of China and relief that the Basel banking regulations did not go too far is conspiring to set a positive tone in the oil markets. Chicago gets the shaft. While according to Trilby Lundberg the national average gas price fell 0.8 cents a gallon to $268.99, Chicago and the Midwest prices soared. Enbridge Energy Partners LP shut a major oil pipeline in Romeoville right outside of Chicago that ships crude from Canada to refineries in the Midwest.

The impact was felt across the markets as refiners may be forced to reduce runs. This can also increase the demand for higher yielding crudes as well to maximize output. Thanks goodness there is plenty of supply in storage or this could have really been worse. The market seemed to like the Basel rule or maybe they just like the finality of it all. Global blinking regulators agreed on a new set of rules designed to increase banks capital buffers to better be able to withstand large market movements but at the same time gave them more than a few years to get up to those levels.....Read the entire article.

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