Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phil Flynn: When Irish Bonds Are Crying

Remember the European financial crisis? Sure you do! You remember I know you do. It was when Greece looked like it hit the skids and it appeared they were headed for default!

And worries surrounded countries with the acronym PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) were ready to go over the edge! The stock market was crashing and oil prices were plunging and it looked like we were getting ready for a major global market meltdown.

But then when all was nearly lost, the EU stepped up to the plate with a whopping 750 billion euro rescue package and instituted a series of European Bank stress tests to assure the world that gosh oh golly things were going to be ok and magically all of the problems seemed to go away.

The Euro came roaring back and the risk trade was back in vogue and oil was saved from a plunging deflationary bloodbath. I hope you remember that crisis because it may be back. We may be seeing that the European crisis is not over after all.....Read the entire article.

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