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Monday, September 6, 2010

Stefan van Woenzel: "The Oil Trader's Word(s)"

"The Oil Trader's Word(s)" is a book with a collection of close 1,000 words which are used by Oil Traders. Oil traders buy and sell oil, take positions and must have a lot of knowledge about Oil Logistics, Oil Paper, The Market, H.S.E. , Oil Documentation and much more. Oil Traders communicate a lot with operators, contract personal, claims departments, controllers, storage people, shipping agents, oil brokers, reporters and many more. The business language is not always easy to understand and often people do not ask what all the talk mean.

When I started in the oil business many years ago, I had no clue what traders talked about. I started in operations in a storage company. I learned the busines because I always asked questions. Even though when you ask a question to a trader you might still be puzzled after getting the answer. Very often I have been looking for an Oil trading Glossary. I could not find it, because it just did not exist. Therefore I decided to make a file to collect words in the Oil Busines which are most often used by trader or should be part of a trader's competence.

The result of collecting the Oil Trading Terms is what you find in my book, "The Oil Trader's Word(s)". I am Senior Crude Oil Trader and to be a trader, you have to be a man of your word. No room for flakers.

The back side of my book contains the following text:

Physical oiltrading is a worldwide activity containing a lot of oil business terms related to the physical trade, logistics, paper trading, refined products and H.S.E. This glossary of oiltrading terms is useful for people working in oil trading organisation (front, mid and back office), oilbrokers, oil inspection companies and storage companies, so basically to all people related to the oil industry.

The book is a guide to help understanding The Oil Trader’s Word(s). Pay also attention to the "Phrases of Wisdom" and H.S.E. stories in this book. This book is not meant to be used as legal documentation related to commercial or operational decisions.

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