Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phil Flynn: Do You Remember When OPEC Used To Matter?

It seemed like the greedy cartel held the fate of the global economy right square in their hand. Press people would stalk different oil ministers desperately trying to get a comment or a clue to whether or not they would dispense their favor on the world and pump more oil or cut production and thumb their nose at the world.

These oil ministers loved the attention. For a couple of weeks a year they were like rock stars with paparazzi following them all around. Not bad for an evil cabal of market conspirators. Yet now, even though some press is attending the OPEC meeting, the guys are not getting the attention that they are used to. It is kind of like a celebrity on the decline that is quickly becoming yesterday’s news. There is no OPEC drama.

OPEC is living the economic dream. They are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the global economic crisis. OPEC is going to leave their production quotas unchanged and will continue to cheat on production as the opportunities arise. Why change things now when times are so good? Heck why constrain production when you have the global central banks around the globe doing your heavy lifting for you?

OPEC should get on their knees everyday and thank their lucky stars for a guy like Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who is turning out to be OPEC’s best friend. Why Ben Bernanke? I will tell you why......Read the entire article.

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