Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phil Flynn: French Fried

Alright, I admit it was kind of fun snickering about the French Strikes. You know like joking about the French work ethic (assuming they had one). You know the routine. The French have been striking and staging mass protests that have turned violent as the government moves to take away French entitlements they cannot pay for. The French are to vote on raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 (Sidérer!!!). With an aging French population and years of the government giving the country free goodies, the government is going to have to make much needed reforms or face an inevitable economic collapse.

The strikes have shut down 12 oil refineries in France leading to shortages of diesel and gasoline. The International Oil Daily Reported that, “lost French production is driving dramatic price gains in diesel and jet fuel in Europe, France’s 12 oil refineries, all but one of which has been shut down by national strikes, produce around 60,000 tons of diesel and 30,000 tons of jet a day. But even with refineries at full production, the country is a net importer of both products. Minimal domestic production means France is sucking in products from neighboring Germany, Italy and even Spain, as well as drawing from strategic......Read the entire article.

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