Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Nice Profit in This ETF

We have been trading the ETF FXE for some time now in MarketClub’s Perfect “R” Portfolio and today we exited our long position at $136.64, which produced a profit of $8.14 a share. This market has performed very well for us and we have only had two major trend changes for the year so far. The FXE is an ETF that mimics the Euro versus the US Dollar, so there’s always plenty movement which equals opportunity in the market. That is one of the principal reasons why we chose to include this ETF in the Perfect “R” Portfolio. Right now our score is a -60, meaning one should be on the sidelines until a more defined trend takes place. This is one of the beauties of this portfolio; you are not in the market all the time.

Just follow this link to find out more about the MarketClub’s Perfect “R” Portfolio and all other portfolios.


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