Friday, November 19, 2010

Phil Flynn: Ben Versus The Dragon

The Chinese moved to increase interest rates and Big Ben Bernanke struck back defending quantitative easing and bashing the Chinese. Ben forced the issue with QE2 and now the Chinese are forced to raise rates! Now the question is will the Chinese rate hikes keep coming or will it be too little too late to cool their hot inflation? Right now I would say it’s bordering on too little too late. Ben Bernanke lashed out at China saying they are causing global problems by preventing their currency from strengthening while their economy booms.

It’s just like what I said in my article in the upcoming issue of SFO Magazine when I wrote, “The Fed felt it had no choice (but to print more money,QE2) as the U.S. government moved slow to attack a rising budget deficit and at the same time face an imbalance as the Chinese continue to manipulate their currency." Chinese currency manipulation may help them in the short run yet it could sow the seeds of economic problems in the future.

The Chinese may feel that they have to cheat the world to be successful by controlling their currency but the truth is that if they want to maintain their meteoric economic growth over the long run they would be better served by allowing the market, not the government, to moderate their economy. Chinese currency manipulation is creating a bubble that will burst if they make a misstep, causing major pain the future. Right now that may be hard to imagine as everyone on the globe is so bullish on China yet the recent correction and history is a reminder that things can......Read the entire article.

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