Friday, December 17, 2010

Do we Have a Growing Battle Between the Gold Deflationist and Inflationist?

Life has a funny way of reminding a person that he is not really in control of what is going on around him. While he may be proficient in a few specific areas, his overall knowledge is limited. Last night my hot water heater decided to go on vacation and I thought I’d try to be a real man and fix it. I have a general knowledge of how a hot water heater works, but it dawned on me that knowing how it works and fixing it are two totally separate things.

I immediately realized that I was in over my head and made arrangements to have a repair man come and fix my hot water heater. He arrived first thing this morning and I asked if I could watch not only out of curiosity, but to understand how my hot water heater worked and to learn about the man that was fixing it. He was gracious and took the time to explain my issue thoroughly and as I am writing this he is replacing my heating elements.

The interesting thing about this whole chain of events is that he brought up investments with me. Not because he wanted to talk to me or thought I knew anything, but simply because he knew I worked in that field. When you live in a relatively small town and people knew what you do for a living, they are generally quick to ask questions. He told me what he was doing with his retirement accounts and his plans for retirement in great detail.

I immediately respected him for his general knowledge and it was apparent he had done his own homework. He had made wise decisions, saved money, and invested wisely. Clearly the man working on my hot water heater was planning for a quality retirement lifestyle and it sounded as though his planning was going to pay off. He brought up that he had purchased the copper ETF $JJC when he noticed that copper pipe was becoming more difficult to acquire and he was paying more for it.

Then the conversation changed dramatically as he explained to me that he had recently bought gold coins and the gold ETF GLD. Immediately my ears perked up as I follow gold and oil quite closely as regular readers are aware. He wanted to know if I thought he should buy more on dips and if he had purchased gold at a good price. He told me he thought he had bought around the $1,200 an ounce price level. I replied that I was not qualified to offer investment advice, but that I expected gold was likely going to go through a mild pullback in coming days and weeks......Read the entire article from J.W. Jones.

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