Thursday, January 27, 2011

Market Manipulation.....Our Video Analysis and How You Can profit From It!

This week the market just happened to gap above key resistance level and we all know that once we are above resistance becomes support. After the gap up the SP500 pulled back to this new support level which happens to be Friday’s, Mondays and Yesterdays high then it bounced, actually rallied up on solid volume almost like someone was making a point that this market is going up today and not to mess with it.....

Personally we don’t get worked up over market manipulation because of two reasons:

1. There is Nothing you can do about it
2. If you see it and understand the idea behind it, then you can make really good money day trading it.

So let's watch our latest video, Just click here to watch "Market Manipulation.....Our Video analysis and How You Can profit From It!"


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