Monday, September 19, 2011

Demand Concerns, European Debt Crisis Continue to Pressure Oil Bulls

Negative statements on future oil demand estimations by OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla El-Badri and remarks from European finance ministers that they are ruling out the use of stimulus measures to combat the European debt crisis had crude oil trading much lower in Sunday evenings overnight trading session. Stochastics and the RSI remain overbought, diverging and are turning neutral to bearish hinting that sideways to lower prices are possible near term.

Closes below last Monday's low crossing at 85.17 would confirm that the corrective rally off August's low has ended while opening the door for a possible test of August's low crossing at 76.61 later this fall. If November extends the rally off August's low, the May-July downtrend line crossing near 91.81 is the next upside target.

First resistance is last Tuesday's high crossing at 90.60. Second resistance is the May-July downtrend line crossing near 91.81. First support is last Monday's low crossing at 85.17. Second support is the reaction low crossing at 83.47. Crude oil pivot point for Monday morning is 88.47.

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