Saturday, September 3, 2011

You ARE a Hedge Fund Manager.....So What Are The Most Successful Managers Buying?

Sometimes we don't see it, but every one of you reading this that have taken the step to manage your own money, your own are a hedge fund manager [you are hedging, aren't you?]. And like any business, yes you are in business to make yourself money, you should look at what your peers are buying.

Two of my favorite sites are Insider Monkey and Guru Focus. How can you even think about adding crude oil and energy stocks to your portfolio without looking at what the most successful people in our industry are buying.

I will let you do your own research, but I have been surprised at some of the small american producers that are showing up in the portfolios of the "great oil minds". Names like Plains Exploration and Production Company, ticker PXP, Sandridge Energy ticker SD, Murphy Oil Corp. ticker MUR and Gastar Exploration ticker GST. Gastar? A small company that just received permits to drill in Utah and should producing oil by October.

Markets are closed and it's a slow news period for the Labor Day weekend so take some time and see what these guys are buying.

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