Monday, October 3, 2011

Crude Oil Market Commentary For Monday October 3rd

Crude oil is trading lower this morning as it extends the trading range of the past two months. Traders are all but convinced that Greece will default on debt payments, leading the way to slower global economic growth and less demand for fuel. Stochastics and the RSI are neutral to bearish signaling that sideways to lower prices are still possible near term.

If November extends last week's decline, August's low crossing at 76.61 is the next downside target. Closes above the 20 day moving average crossing at 85.13 are needed to confirm that a short term low has been posted.

First resistance is the 10 day moving average crossing at 81.89. Second resistance is the 20 day moving average crossing at 85.13. First support is last Monday's low crossing at 77.11. Second support is August's low crossing at 76.61. If crude cannot hold the 75.71 level we see a quick move to the psychological 70 dollar level. Crude oil pivot point for Monday morning is 80.32.

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