Monday, October 24, 2011

Is It Reversal Time For the Markets?

At the start of a new week, have we turned around or is this just a correction in a larger bear market?

I think you’ll find today’s video interesting as the S&P 500 has made a remarkable recovery. However, it is back at a crucial Fibonacci retracement level which could present major problems for this index.

In our recent survey we asked traders if they were concerned about what is going on in Europe. A remarkable majority, over 75% said they were, and they do watch events in Europe very closely.
At this point, Europe is really the tail that wags the dog and we are not optimistic that things are going to work out in a positive fashion.

They have had a total of 13 summits in a period of 20 months trying to solve this problem. With the likes of Berlusconi, can you imagine telling him what to do? And other players like Nicholas Sarkozy shouting to Brian Cameron of Great Britain to shut up and butt out. And that’s the stuff we hear about!

Imagine the stuff we don’t heard about.

Let's look at the Trend Analysis for crude oil......

The crude oil market moved over resistance at $90 a barrel and it seems ready to test the Fibonacci retracement level of $91.80. Can this market in fact, close over resistance at $90? Our long term Trade Triangles continue to be negative and we expect they will once again dictate the tone of this market. Intermediate term traders should be on the sidelines and long term traders should continue to be short the crude oil market.

Well, December crude oil did close up $4.24 a barrel at $91.63 today. Prices closed near the session high today and hit a fresh 11 week high. Crude bulls gained good upside near term technical momentum today as prices pushed above what was a well defined sideways trading range on the daily bar chart. The crude market was boosted today by a weaker U.S. dollar index, higher U.S. stock indexes and ideas the EU debt crisis is seeing progress toward getting fixed.

Monthly Trade Triangles for Long Term Trends = Negative
Weekly Trade Triangles for Intermediate Term Trends = Positive
Daily Trade Triangles for Short Term Trends = Positive
Combined Strength of Trend Score = + 70

Now, let’s go to todays video and look at the charts of the six markets we publicly cover and see some of those important retracement levels.

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