Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Phil Flynn: Confidence Game

When it comes to the markets confidence is key. Yet obviously if you look at the last 24 hours confidence has been shaken. Whether it be the call for a Greek referendum on the EU bailout or the weakness in the Chinese manufacturing data or the situation with the bankruptcy of MF Global confidence has been shaken. And despite the blow to confidence, the markets are something that you can believe in. You can also believe in the protections offered the customer provided by the exchanges.

The oil market, despite the absence of MF Global traders, had a very low volume and oil prices acted like they would have if all traders were present. They reacted as you might expect to the movement from the Japanese yen and dollar intervention and the economic data. They reacted to strong Libyan oil production that rose 245,000 barrels to 345,000, the highest level since March. Or strong production out of Iraq and the highest OPEC oil production since 2008.....Read Phil's entire article.

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