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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Phil Flynn: Greased Lightening!

Greece throws the world in turmoil as France and Germany says that the Greece referdum is a vote on whether Greece wants to stay in the Euro Zone. In the mean time, Big Bad Ben Bernanke says that QE 3d is a real possibility as he lowers the growth and jobs forecast for the US economy. The Energy Information agency added a few surprises with a big build in crude oil and a disturbing drop in distillates that could send chills across your spine if you heat your home with heating oil. Yet the markets seemr to hope that the nova convening G20 can bring order back to the market place in a world where we don't know where the next crisis might come from.

Now austerity is one issue but having a sugar daddy to pay your bills is another. Greek PM Papandreou threw caution to the wind for what purpose no one is quite sure. If it was to save his political backside well perhaps he is one. European leaders on the other hand reframed the debate by telling the people of Greece that the referendum vote about the Greek bailout package may be a vote on whether they want to be in or out of the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pulled the plug on the euro zone rescue aid driving Greek bonds to 100% and perhaps putting the country on the verge on bankruptcy. Sarkozy says that there will be, "no French taxpayer money, no German taxpayer money" until the question is answered. In the meantime global markets tank but are finding hope that somehow the G20 will restore sanity or a split in Papandreou inner circle might find hope that Greece will accept its partners handout.....Read Phil's entire article.

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