Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Phil Flynn: Taking The Embassy By Storm!

Occupy Tehran? Iranian students, incensed with a new round of sanctions, stormed the British Embassy and added a new dynamic to a market already concerned about the rising tensions in the Middle East. The orchestrated take over from the government was a clear violation of international law and shows Iran's utter lack of respect for anyone else in the world.

The pillaging of the UK Embassy had to have the support of the government because it is unlikely that without the government looking the other way, it would be impossible for a rag tag bunch of students to take over the fortified British compound. Iran, the world's fifth biggest oil exporter, was trying to stir domestic public outrage after a vote by Iran's leaders to end diplomatic relations with the UK and expel the British ambassador and the UK slapped sanctions on Iranian banks and their petrochemical companies.

Obviously these sanctions have some bite as it raised the acrimony of the Iranian regime. The outcome means that more than likely the U.S. will follow suit and put more pressure on the known terror state as it is clear to everyone that Iran is on track to secure a nuclear weapon after a report from the International Atomic Energy Association.

The likely hood of more sanctions against Iran look to tighten supplies of distillate in Europe and will put even more pressure on the world's newest diesel exporter, the US, to keep up with global demand. The United States, Russia, France, Britain and Germany all expressed outrage at the Iran, yet China remained quiet as it desperately needs diesel supply. They are fearful that if Iranian supply is cut it could lead to shortages in China for the coming winter......Read the entire article.

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