Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crude Oil Moves Higher on Federal Reserve Statement

Crude oil closed higher on Wednesday after Federal Reserve officials said the U.S. benchmark interest rate will stay low until at least 2014 to bolster growth and cut unemployment, boosting fuel demand. The high range close sets the stage for a steady to higher opening on Thursday.

But stochastics and the RSI are still neutral to bearish signaling that sideways to lower prices are possible near term. If March extends this month's decline, December's low crossing at 92.95 is the next downside target. Closes above the reaction high crossing at 102.24 are needed to confirm that a short term low has been posted.

First resistance is the reaction high crossing at 102.24. Second resistance is this month's high crossing at 103.90. First support is Monday's low crossing at 97.40. Second support is December's low crossing at 92.95.

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