Friday, January 13, 2012

Phil Flynn: To Embargo or not to Embargo, That is Indeed the Question

While the market got a boost on reports that European refiners were meeting with Saudi Arabia and other oil producers and securing an alternative to Iranian oil supply, apparently some in the EU did not like the answers that they heard. An overbought oil market seemingly got a reason to sell-off on a Bloomberg report that the European Union embargo on imports of Iranian oil will likely be delayed for six months to allow countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain to find alternative supply, quoting an EU official with knowledge of the talks and it hit the market at just the right time.

The truth is, as I have said before, the EU would like to put off an embargo until after winter and Italy still wants some of the money that the Iranians owe them. Still do not think that Iran will be able to sell their oil very easily. The bottom line is that all Iranian oil will be sold, but it will be sold at a discount. Is it any wonder that Iran is rattling that saber to keep prices high. They are hopping if they can keep prices artificially high they won't miss the loss of revenue! Which means it will be a saber rattling kind of weekend! With a three day holiday in the US, being short over the weekend might be a dangerous propostion.
Yet Bloomberg News is reporting that.....Read the entire article.

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