Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phil Flynn: A Better Future for Price Predictions

The Energy Information Agency came out with their latest Short Term Energy Outlook and I was glad to see that they are using the futures markets to improve their market forecasts. While the EIA has done a phenomenal job in the past providing the industry and traders with valuable information, it seemed that their price projections were always a bit behind the curve. More often than not, especially during the days of the strong bull petroleum market, it seemed that the Energy Information Agency was always playing a bit of catch up.

Of course it wasn't always their fault. You see there was an era of denial about the reasons for the bull market and if the EIA dared come out about the odds for sharply higher prices, they might have been accused of feeding into the bullish frenzy. The EIA really had to be careful about stepping out about a bullish price projection even if deep within the walls of the Department of Energy they felt that higher price were a possibility.

That restraint sometimes led to conservative calls that were meant not to rattle a market that was already looking for an excuse, any excuse, to reflect the reality of increasingly bullish fundamentals.....Read the entire article.

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