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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phil Flynn: Excessive Risk Assumption!

In the battle over speculation, I truly believe that many do not understand what is going on. Perhaps it is the word “speculation” that is causing some of the confusion. When the word “speculator” is used it conjures up the images of Wall Street Fat Cats in a sushi filled room hatching evil, deceptive plans to corner a market and doom us all. The truth is that the only reason the economy exist is because we have people who are willing speculate because it carries considerable financial risk with the hopes of making a profit.

Farmers speculate that when they plant a crop that it will grow and they will have someone who will want to buy it from them. Airlines speculate everyday hoping that people will want to travel and they can charge enough for their plane tickets to cover food costs. Even the guy who delivers your pizza speculates that you will tip him enough to cover the cost of his gas. Some speculations carry little risk and some carry considerably more and the potential for profit and the size of profit are all tied back to the amount of risk the speculator assumes by his actions.

Now sometimes these speculative thoughts may not pan out especially if the guy who delivers the pizza gets a cheapskate and thus no tip. Or the farmer that either can’t grow the crop due to drought or perhaps he chose to grow what ended up being the wrong crop a particular year where demand was not what he tonight it might be. Or an airline that fails to get as many passengers as wanted because of stiff competition or surging fuel costs. Every one of these speculators is taking a risk because if this event happens or that event doesn't happen, they could go out of business. Read Phil's entire article.......

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