Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Problem With Greece

Can Greece leave the Euro and the rest of the world keeps moving along? Turmoil in Greece and a call by the leftist Syriza Alexis Tsipras to reverse what he calls ‘barbarous austerity” has put the future of the entire Eurozone in doubt. While it is unlikely that Mr. Tsipras will be able to form the necessary coalition to gain power, the uncertainty about Greece’s future plans could hurt the Euro.

Pressure brought on by voters in Greece to try to roll back plans to cut the budget and pay its bills could destroy the European Central Bank plan to avoid a total default. Now the question is whether a Greek exit would be catastrophic or is it destined to happen regardless.

The fear of a Greek exit has not been just about Greece but fear of contagion. If Greece exits the Eurozone, what will happen to other weak members of the zone. If Greece is allowed to just default and walk away after taking others cash that they lent to Greece in good faith, others will have a precedent for an exit strategy. The question of moral hazard now comes into play. If Greece can take the EU money and then walk away, why then would another EU country move to help another EU member?

Of course this raises the larger question of the problem....Read the entire article.

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