Friday, August 10, 2012

Crude Oil Pulls Back on Negative Economic Data out of China

Oil prices have been struggling to sustain the price rally which began about a week ago as the majority of data points continue to point to the slowing of the global economy and thus the view that oil demand growth is also likely to slow (see latest IEA highlights below). Overnight China's oil import data came in at 21.6 million tons (about 5 million barrels) according to the Chinese Customs Agency. This is the lowest level of crude oil imports since December of 2011. One can question the transparency of the various macroeconomic data points out of China but the fact that oil imports are declining is very supportive of the view that the main economic growth engine of the world is actually slowing.

China's July exports of all good increased by just 1% compared to year earlier levels but a significant downturn versus the 11.3% increase in the month of June. In addition industrial output is also slowing as new lending levels dropped significantly in July from 919.8 billion Yuan to 540.1 billion Yuan. Sales to China's number one customer... the EU declined by 16.2% last month while sales to the US declined by 0.6%.....Read Dominik Chirihellas entire article.

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