Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exxon [XOM] Applies for a Natural Gas Export License

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The natural gas revolution has yielded many benefits to America in terms of its economy, environment, and energy security....

* Job creation
* Lower home heating bills
* Lower feedstock costs for the petrochemical and refining businesses
* Reduction in the number of active coal plants
* Increased U.S. energy security

Low domestic natural gas prices have given the U.S. a clear competitive advantage in the world economy. Consider the price differential in this chart, taken from the Wall Street Journal's recent article Should the U.S. Export Natural Gas?, which compares U.S. nat gas prices to those of Japan and Korea.

The current price of natural gas is unsustainable. Companies will either shut-in production until it becomes more profitable, or significant new demand will be created. Exxon Mobil (XOM), struggling to reap the rewards of its massive XTO takeover and the subsequent drop in nat gas prices, has recently applied for a natural gas export license. The question the U.S. Department of Energy faces (or at least should face...) becomes.... is exporting natural gas smart, strategic energy policy?

Exporting natural gas would be good in a number of ways including....Read the Michael Fitzsimmons entire article.

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