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Saturday, September 15, 2012

ONG Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Gold Weekly Technical Outlook for Saturday Sept. 15th

Well, it's Saturday and that means it's time to check in with the staff at Oil N Gold and get their call on crude for this week......

Crude oil's rally finally resumed last week and breached 100 psychological level before closing at 99.06. Near term outlook stays bullish as long as 94.08 support holds. Current rise is expected to continue higher. However, as noted before, rise from 77.28 is viewed as the fourth leg inside the triangle pattern from 114.83. Hence, we'll be cautious on topping between 100 and 110. Meanwhile, break of 92.94 will indicate reversal and bring decline back to 55 days EMA and below.

In the bigger picture, price actions from 114.83 are viewed either a three wave consolidation pattern that's completed at 77.28, or a five wave triangle pattern that's still unfolding. In any case, break of 110.55 resistance will strongly suggest that whole rebound from 33.29 has resumed for above 114.83. While another fall could be seen before an eventual upside breakout, downside should be contained above 77.28 support.

In the long term picture, crude oil is in a long term consolidation pattern from 147.27, with first wave completed at 33.2. The corrective structure of the rise from 33.2 indicates that it's second wave of the consolidation pattern. While it could make another high above 114.83, we'd anticipate strong resistance ahead of 147.24 to bring reversal for the third leg of the consolidation pattern.

Nymex Crude Oil Continuous Contract 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts

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Natural gas jumped to as high as 3.070 last week and the development firstly suggests that fall from 3.277 has completed at 2.575. More importantly, the corrective three wave structure of the fall argues that natural gas hasn't topped yet. Further rally is mildly in favor this week and break of 3.070 will target a test on 3.277 resistance. Meanwhile, break of 2.888 resistance turned support will mix up the near term outlook and turn focus back to 2.575. In the bigger picture, the failure to sustain above 3.255 support turned resistance didn't confirm medium term trend reversal. That is, whole decline from 6.108 could still extend and a break below 2.168 will pave the way to a new low below 1.902. Nonetheless, again, sustained break of 3.255 will confirm trend reversal and a test on 4.983 key resistance level should at least be seen.

In the longer term picture, as long as 3.255 resistance holds, whole down trend from 13.694 (2008 high) is still in progress, so is that from 15.78 (2005 high). Another fall could be seen to 1999 low of 1.62 on resumption. But decisive break of 3.255 will now be an important sign of long term bottoming,

Nymex Natural Gas Continuous Contract 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts

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Gold's rally continued last week and reached as high as 1780.2 so far. Near term outlook remains bullish with focus on 1792.7/1804.4 resistance zone. Decisive break there will have larger bullish implication and would pave the way to 1923.7 historical high. Nonetheless, before that, rise from 1526.7 is viewed as a leg inside the medium term ranging pattern only. Below 1720 minor support will indicate reversal and turn near term outlook bearish.

In the bigger picture, price actions from 1923.7 high are viewed as a medium term consolidation pattern. There is no indication that such consolidation is finished, and more range trading could be seen. In any case, downside of any falling leg should be contained by 1478.3/1577.4 support zone and bring rebound. Meanwhile, break of 1792.7/1804.4 resistance zone will argue that the long term uptrend is possibly resuming for a new high above 1923.7.

In the long term picture, with 1478.3 support intact, there is no change in the long term bullish outlook in gold. While some more medium term consolidation cannot be ruled out, we'd anticipate an eventual break of 2000 psychological level in the long run

Comex Gold Continuous Contract 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts

What is the Gold and Oil Guys call this week?

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