Friday, September 14, 2012

Working Natural Gas Storage Capacity Grows 3% Year over Year

EIA estimates that the demonstrated peak working gas capacity for underground storage in the lower 48 states rose 3%, or 136 billion cubic feet (Bcf), to 4,239 Bcf in 2012 compared with 2011. EIA's report compares data from April to April; since April 2012, EIA analysts said 7.5 Bcf has been added to working gas storage capacity cited in the report, and they estimated that another 32 Bcf could potentially be added by year end.

Demonstrated peak capacity is the aggregate peaks for a rolling five year period of what storage operators actually put in the ground. It differs from design, or engineered, capacity (a larger volume), which is what the nation's storage facilities could physically hold. The demonstrated peak volume is what typically is considered a proxy for full storage.

map of natural gas storage facilities, as explained in article text

The report data are as of April in each year. Since April 2012, however, another 7.5 Bcf has been added to working gas storage capacity, and EIA analysts believe from anecdotal information that there is the potential for another 32 Bcf to be in operation by year-end.....Read the entire EIA article.

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