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Monday, December 24, 2012

Musings: E&P Spending Survey Gives Cheer Not Lumps Of Coal

The annual exploration and production spending outlook survey conducted by Barclays oilfield service stock research team was unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

According to the analysts, global oil and gas companies plan on boosting their E&P spending by 7 percent to a record $644 billion in 2013. That's the good news. The bad news is that almost all the growth in spending will be outside of North America, where the spending outlook is projected to be flat with 2012.

The analytical team at Barclays has been conducting these spending surveys for many years, and the results are anxiously awaited by the industry to see the thinking of managements about future oil and gas prices, commodity demand and where and how much the oil and gas companies figure they can, and should, spend to find, develop and produce hydrocarbons.

The capital spending increase for 2013 would mark the fourth consecutive year of growth, although the amount of the annual increases has varied noticeably. The Barclays' analysts believe, as well as energy company managements, the industry is in the early stage of an extended demand cycle, which will be driven by growth in developing economies.......Read the entire Musings article.

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