Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Technical Traders Morning Charts

Yesterday’s trading session played out exactly as posted in the morning chart update. Today will be a different story from the looks of it as the dollar index looks to be putting in a bottom and that has the SP500 down 0.40% this morning. It may trigger our first entry point to let long stocks today.

Crude oil has been trading sideways/higher the past week but the on balance volume clearly shows sellers are unloading contracts at the $94 level. Yesterday we talked about how crude oil was walking a fine line up its support trend line and once that breaks look out! Price is holding up but be aware it could drop fast and hard any day here....Check out all of this mornings charts for the U.S. Dollar, crude oil, natural gas, SP 500 futures, gold, silver and bonds.

The Technical Traders Morning Charts

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