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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ever wonder why 70% of mutual fund managers can't beat the SP 500?

What a coincidence, I make my rare stop into the used book store around the corner from our house and am lucky enough to find a like new copy of Jack Bogles "Common Sense on Mutual Funds". After getting started reading I realized, I have to get in the office and create this article for our new launch...."Ever wonder why 70% of mutual fund managers can't beat the SP 500". Totally a coincidence, I swear.

Bogle is the father of the modern day fund in my book. And he has taken a lot of criticism for his finger pointing at the majority of new fund managers that have come into this game. While the number of fund managers have more then tripled in the last couple of decades the number of customers has stayed pretty much the same. And profits have fallen off dramatically. How do they stay in business?

Twenty years from now we will only be talking about a hand full of "out of the box thinkers" who helped the average investor beat the fund managers and one of them I would bet will be Doc Severson.

Doc is one of the world's top options traders, and he just created an eye opening presentation that exposes much of the truth behind what it takes to make a consistent income in the markets and why countless financial planners (who people hire to supposedly protect their assets!) lose a shocking amount of money in market crashes.

Even if you are an advanced trader it's nearly impossible for you to watch the video and not find a few nuggets of information that could change the way you look at your own trading and keep you from making some of the same ordinary mistakes that everybody else is making.

Click here to watch > "Ever wonder why 70% of mutual fund managers can't beat the SP 500"

After you watch the video, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us if you were making any of the same mistakes he mentions in the report? I think you'll be surprised, I was....because I have.

Watch this video today....this just might change everything.

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