Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exxon Shares Fall after Big Earnings Miss

ExxonMobil's (XOM) $1.55 EPS, which fell far short of expectations, was the company's lowest EPS since Sept. 2010. (Q2 results)

Earned $6.86B on revenue of $106.47B billion after earning $15.9B on revenue of $127.36B in the year ago quarter when results were inflated by the sale of the Japanese lubricants division; removing those effects, net income fell 19%.

Upstream earnings were $6.3B, down 24.5% year over year, downstream earnings were $396M, down from $6.6B a year ago which included a $5.3 billion gain related to the Japan sale. Oil and gas production fell 1.9%.

Read the entire ExxonMobil earnings report

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