Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekly Futures Market Recap - SP 500, Bonds, Gold, Coffee

It's the weekend and that means it's time to check in with Michael Seery of for his weekly recap of the Futures market. Seery has been Senior Analyst for close to 15 years and has extensive knowledge of all of the commodity and option markets......

The S&P 500 rose sharply this Friday afternoon after finishing lower for 5 consecutive trading days which is very rare in the month of December as this Friday afternoon prices finished up 19 points at 1803 and remember the fact we have not have a down day on a Friday since early October as Friday generally is a positive up day going into the weekend.

I’ve been recommending a long position in the S&P 500 for quite some time I do believe we will continue to move higher possibly up to the 1850 level here by New Year’s as there’s no other game in town with excellent earnings and the possibility of tapering coming after the monthly unemployment number which showed 203, 000 new jobs with an unemployment rate of 7.0% which was considered very bullish despite the fact that there could be tapering of US bonds soon , but that story is becoming old sending prices sharply higher right near all time highs once again.

The NASDAQ 100 is up 25 points at 3503 despite the fact that Apple Computer was down nearly $8 as investors are still in love with the technology sector especially after a minor setback that it had the last week and I still suggest you be bullish either with options or outright futures positions. The NASDAQ 100 cash index I believe will break 4500 which is the next stop which will take a couple of months in my opinion but prices remain strong.

Both of these markets are still trading above their 20 and 100 day moving average despite the five day losing streak & that just shows you how far prices have comes to the upside and I do think there’s more good news around the world which should prop up stock prices especially with low interest rates in Europe and the Japanese continuing their QE programs which will prop up the Nikkei so across the world bullish news will continue to push equity prices higher.

Bond Futures

The 5 year note sold off sharply this Friday afternoon hitting a 6 week low before rallying to finish down 3 ticks at 120-08 as the monthly unemployment was construed bullish the stock market and bearish bonds because of the possibility of tapering. I'm recommending a short position in the five year note as the government cannot continue to print forever and one day if you're a long-term investor this will pay off as interest rates will start to rise eventually as the five year note is only yielding 1.50% at the present time. This is an excellent market with low volatility compared to many of the other commodity markets and it has excellent chart structure and I'm recommending outright futures contract to the downside & If you are long term investor I would continue to sell the five year note futures and I would not place a stop because I would hold on continuing to rollover for years to come because the five year note eventually could go back up to 4% or 5% which would be a huge gain if you are short the futures for the entire time and that could take several years but will pay you off in the long run in my opinion. The five year note is now trading below its 20 and 100 day moving average and it looks like a possible head and shoulders top has been formed so take a shot at the downside.

The 10 year note is currently trading at 124-09 in the March contract finishing lower for the 3rd straight trading session and it also looks like its topped out so I'm recommending a short position placing your stop above 125.20 risking around $1,500 per contract as I do think prices will retest at 120 level down the road as the yield on the 10 year stands at 2.89% as people are rotating out of bonds and continue to pour money into the S&P 500 which I think will continue for the rest of the year so sell rallies in the bond market. Trend....mixed. Chart Structure....excellent.

Gold Futures

The monthly unemployment report came out at this morning stating that we added 203, 000 new jobs which was construed very bullish sending the stock market higher and gold lower due to the fact of tapering possibly happening as soon as March as the unemployment rate is now 7.0% as traders see no reasonable to own gold as the economy here in the United States and around the world are improving dramatically sending the S&P right near record highs once again today and selling off gold by $4 at 1,228 currently here on the night session this Friday afternoon in New York. Gold is trading below its 20 & 100 day moving average continuing its bearish trend hitting a 5 month low with major support at 1,210 which was hit twice this week and rebounded but it looks to me that we almost certainly have to retest 1,180 which was last summer’s low. Trend lower....Chart structure....excellant.

Coffee Futures

Coffee in the March contract closed down over 450 points this week at 106.40 reversing earlier gains hitting a 4 week high at 1 point trading up at 112.90 on Wednesday before a major reversal sent it right back down into its recent trading range as many the commodity markets were sharply higher this week but the coffee fundamentals still at this time remain bearish. If your bullish coffee prices as we’ve have had a nice sideways channel for over 4 weeks and that’s what to look for in a bottoming pattern so my recommendation would be to buy a futures contract at today’s price placing a stop below the contract low at 104 risking around $1,100 per contract but I remain neutral on coffee because there really is no trend right now. It would not surprise me if you get a snap back to the upside like we’ve gotten in oil, gold, and silver prices today as massive short covering is taking place and that could happen in coffee as well because of the short interest currently. Trend....neutral. Chart structure excellent.

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