Monday, April 28, 2014

What High Frequency Trading Firms Don't Want You to Know

If you haven't heard about High Frequency Trading (HFT), now's the time to learn. HFT almost guarantees you'll lose as a day/short term trading individual, but John Carter shows you how you can beat the high frequency traders at their own game.

Mark your calendars for this Tuesday. It's in your best interest (if you're serious about your trading) to attend the webinar John's putting on THIS TUESDAY…

What HFT Firms Don't Want You to Know

You have two times to attend, and it's only happening TUESDAY. You'll learn....

   *   How to protect against High Frequency Traders
   *   How to take advantage of what HFT's are doing
   *   How to get in front of HFT's
   *   What is HFT's agenda?!
   *   Why HTF's impacts all traders (stock, options, futures, etc)

And of course a lot more.....Just click here to get you seat NOW

John Carter and The staff at the Crude Oil Trader

John's new video > HFT vs. John Carter: The Rise of the Machines

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