Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why the Market Should Pay More Attention to Sports and Poker

Did your coach ever tell you not to signal before you made a move, or do you know why it’s so important to have a good poker face if you’re trying to bluff? It’s because it’s pretty hard to trick a person that can see what you’re going to do next. What does this have to do with trading the markets for consistent profit?

The market signals before just about every move it makes.

So, why doesn’t this make the market incredibly easy to predict? It’s because most traders don’t know the market’s “tell.” That’s why you learn to watch your opponent’s position in sports, or to watch your opponent’s pulse and face in poker. If you don’t know that a nervous twitch means your neighbor is trying to bluff you with his pair of twos, then how do you know he doesn’t have the cards? On the other hand, if you know his “tell”, you can anticipate his bluff even if the rest of the table thinks he’s got a strong hand. Doc Severson spent a lot of time (and a lot more money) looking for those signs in the market, but as James Bond remarks in Casino Royale, “It was worth it to discover his tell.”

Learn the Market’s Tell

After years of study and testing (he was an engineer, after all), Doc Severson found a way to see the market “signal” before it makes a move. He used it to position himself before the 2013 S&P rally, and he is seeing the market signal another big move now. He’s already preparing his positions for this move, and he wants to show you how to anticipate them as well.

How to Predict the Next Big Move for Yourself (Free Video)


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