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Friday, November 28, 2014

How Does Your Game Plan for Crude Oil and Commodities Stack Up Against This

Our trading partner John Carter sent us this reminder this week. It addresses what's really on the table in the coming months and what you are going to miss out on if you don't take a few minutes and take advantage of what he has to say........Here's what John is saying.

With the markets closed I wanted to take the time to write you this important message. As you may know I've been a full time trader for the last 15 years.

A few years ago I founded Simpler Options to post my options trading ideas. In a short time it has become one of the largest and most recognized options research companies in the world. We serve over 100,000 subscribers in over 100 countries.

You may know about a few of my big trades. 

I caught the big move in oil last year:

I traded Tesla earlier this year to the tune of $1 million in one day:

But that's not why I'm emailing you. 

I reference the success and experience with trading only because there is an even bigger trading opportunity lurking. A once a decade shift in the market that will result in the next great wealth creation - for those that know about it.

What I am going to say you will not read anywhere else.  It flies in the face of every newsletter out there I know about.  In fact, I've already received dozens of hate mail. But just remember.....

Only a few people believed me last year when I said oil would go from $90 to $110 in just a few months. One person that believed me was billionaire Richard Branson.  I help him with Virgin Airlines hedge their oil:

Only a few people believed me about Tesla.

But, when the big trade happened the traders who had prepared themselves followed me into the trade. One of our clients made $250,000 on that one trade. And that brings us to today......

Big opportunities always disguise themselves in different clothes.  Not everyone can recognize the opportunity.  That is why other services are still speaking about doom and gloom.  This is not 2008 anymore. 

The fact is markets go through cycles.  There are major cycles and minor cycles. The market is at a crossroad between the end of a major bear market cycle since 2000.  And, the end of a minor bull market cycle since 2009.  

I'll explain the driver of this crossroad.  As for me, I am more certain about this once in a decade shift than I've been about anything else in my life. 

The Great American Revival

In short, I believe that Americans are about to see a major shift in the value of the dollar. We have gotten a glimpse of this since the summer.  The US dollar index went from 79.74 to as high as 88.44.  That is a huge move.  In the previous 2 years - 2012 & 2013 - the dollar moved only half as much. 

The dollar index impacts everything.

The commodity markets like gold, silver, and oil.  

The treasury markets.  

The stock markets around the world. 

They all rely on the U.S. Dollar. 

The dollar index impacts the price of gas at the pump.  Have you been noticing gas prices going down? Doesn't the extra 20 bucks you save at the pump feel good? In spite of the global economic crisis the dollar remains the world's reserve currency.

The bank of Japan is still printing money faster than any other country in the world.  Yet they are on the verge of another recession. The EU has rates at 0% and are speaking about ramping up the printing press.  China announced a surprise rate cut days ago! 

Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has been tightening the printing press. They are also talking of rate hikes next year. The exact opposite of what the next 3 largest economies in the world are doing!

The rise of the dollar and the opportunity is at its infancy.  In 2015 you can set you and your family up to be the recipient of the wealth shift.  Millions of people around the world will not see this coming and fall behind. The impact this will have is wide reaching.  It will impact every market around the globe.  I want to share with you the best way to maximize this opportunity.  

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The world's smartest investor knows about the power of ETFs.  Warren recently advised his heirs, "Put my estate in index funds."

ETFs allow you to buy or short almost any stock market in the world.  You can buy or short any commodity or precious metal. Want to play the downside in your retirement account?  You can buy an ETF that shorts a market in a retirement account.  

So how can you begin creating wealth right away?

This Saturday I'll be teaching a timely class on trading Options on ETFs called the Wealth Creator.
($997 Value)

In this class I'll share:

* Why I believe the dollar will continue to rise.

* What ETFs to watch and buy in the following year.

* The easiest way to profit from the rise in the dollar. 

* How to time this event so whether you're a short or long term trader you can profit. 

Also, there are 3 full mentorship days of live trading and teaching the following week.  The importance of these 3 days are too many to count.

Last month we did a sold out mentorship in Las Vegas where attendees paid $5,000. 

The Wealth Creator class and mentorship will sell out on its own. But, this is such a critical time in the market I don't want anyone to miss this opportunity in 2015.

So I decided to put together a special bonus package for anyone that buys the Wealth Creator class and mentorship. 

I'm going to give you access to:

Bonus #1: My Plan or Get Slaughtered training class. 
($997 Value)

On December 31st join me for an all day trading and planning session. 

The old saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is never more true in trading.

During this class:

* Concentrate on creating a viable trading plan for 2015

* Design a plan that can achieve your objectives

* Create crystal clear trading rules for you to follow in 2015

* Set concrete action steps to drive your trading goals

Learn to do the critical thinking and planning to develop the best options strategies for your trading success

I did this on January 1st, 2014 and weeks later I had the $1 million trade in Tesla.  This year we will develop a trading plan for 2015 together. 

Bonus #2: Follow up Q & A webinar. 
($297 Value)

Early 2015 we will have a follow up class to review the markets and your trading plan.  You’ve had a chance to apply the strategies in the live markets so now is your chance to ask follow up questions. This is the time when I can update you on any new market forces that you need to be aware of so you can continue your trading success. 

Register here:

My commitment is to help as many investors as I can for the next great wealth shift.  I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.  The reality is, the fewer the people the better. We have an amazing team of people here who have the same goal as I do.  

Since starting Simpler Options a few years ago, we have helped a lot of people become better traders. 

"I have never had an experience like this before. We have 3 small trading accounts totaling just over $100k (at least that was the case on Monday afternoon). Putting just a portion of that into play (following your rules), I've gained just over $30k in 3 days!"

"I have to say that I have over 7,000 reasons to be thankful for you guys putting on such a great program!"

"When I saw the advertisement for this training I told my wife I was going to spend the $997 to buy it. Well, I closed out the trade on INVN we did on Monday for a $1300 profit today.  Absolutely the best trade I have had since I started trading."

"My first thirty days, starting June 7th with $47,887.87 in my account. By July 3rd my account was $ 73,188.38 produced a nice impressive 52.83% return - Not to shabby. :-)"

Believe me, nothing makes me feel better than receiving notes like these.  It's my crack. But I have to tell you, right now, I am worried about a lot of our subscribers. We have many, many hard- working people who are going to get caught by surprise. You can either let things happen to you..... or you can take a few simple steps and take charge of your family's fate.

To get started, click on the link below:

Simpler Options "Wealth Creator".....Webinar Replay

We'll see you next week in the markets putting some of this to work,

Ray C. Parrish
aka the Crude Oil Trader

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