Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Doctors Speak Out and Traders Listen

Our readers, and traders in general, are a smart bunch so we know you will appreciate this. We want to let you know about something I don't think you'll want to miss. Two of the pioneers of "natural health" websites, Andrew Saul and Dr. Joe Mercola, are featured in a ground breaking new movie which has now been watched over one million times online. It's called "That Vitamin Movie".

Good news is they have just made it available for people to view free of charge, but just for 8 days. It's their way of getting the word out about the film and at the same time, letting as many people watch it as possible.

So don't miss this great chance to see this first class documentary before they take it down again on May 12th.

Just go HERE to view. I promise you it's a great investment of your time.

Here's to good health and a long, healthy lifetime of trading,

Ray C. Parrish
aka the Crude Oil Trader

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