Friday, July 30, 2010

Phil Flynn: Coming To America!

Everywhere from around the world, the crudes coming to America, every time that flag’s unfurled
crude is coming to America, got a dream to take it there, it’s coming to America. It’s coming to America and coming to America! Give me your poor, your huddles masses but most of all give me your crude. Crude Imports surged hitting the highest level since August of 2006 leading to a whopper 7.3 million barrel build in US Crude supply. This was a far cry from most analysts’ expectations that were looking for a big drop in supply by thinking that Tropical Storm Bonnie would impact imports in a negative fashion.

I on the other hand did predict a build because as I believed that the storm might have the opposite reaction on Imports and it looks like I was right. In fact according to one report we saw from “Gas Oil and Liquids Daily” supplies in Gulf States jumped a whopping 8.18 million barrels, or 4.6%, to 184.6 million. Regional imports gained 1.73 million bpd, or 32%, to a record 7.21 million. The gain was the largest since Gulf traffic resumed after being slowed by hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008. The reason that we saw that big jump in the Gulf Coast may have more to do with the aftermath.....Read the entire article.

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