Saturday, August 29, 2020

Dow Jones Utilities Breaking Trend

Research Highlights:

* Dow Theory suggests indices must confirm each other and volume must confirm the trend.

* The new downward trend in the Dow Utilities Index suggests indices are starting to break apart in terms of trending in unison.

* Volume recently has been trailing lower, which suggests the momentum behind these new all-time  highs is weakening.

* If the Utilities Index continues to move lower and we see increased volume in the selling trend, we will     consider the Dow Theory
* Trend component “broken” and expect a major peak/top soon after.

We know some of you are Dow Theory enthusiasts and followers. We follow the Transportation Index as a leading indicator for potential major market trends almost exclusively because of what we have learned from Dow Theory. If you are unfamiliar with Dow Theory, we suggest visiting Investopedia’s summary of this technical theory for a quick refresher. You can also learn more about the primary indicator in Dow Theory here. The two most important aspects of Dow Theory that we are researching today are two components:

Indices Must Confirm Each Other Volume Must Confirm The Trend My researchers and I have identified that the Dow Jones Utility Index has started to break downward in trend, breaking the recent upside price trend. This breakdown in the Utilities Index suggests the Indices are starting to break apart in terms of trending in unison. We have not seen increased volume in the downward trending of the Utility Index yet and we are waiting for this technical trigger to confirm the Breakdown in Dow Theory Trending by watching for the Utility Index to potentially begin a broader downside price move with increased volume. ...Continue Reading Here.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Natural Gas Rally Nearing $2.95 Resistance - May Target $3.75 or Higher

Quietly, as we’ve been focused on Gold, Silver, and other symbols, Natural Gas has rallied above the $2.00 level and is starting to break higher again targeting the $2.95 level. The very deep “rounded bottom” pattern that set up in early 2020 presented a very real opportunity for skilled technical traders by setting up multiple, very deep entry points. We wrote about these setups in a May article when Natural Gas broke $2.00 and again a few weeks ago when NG started its upside breakout move.

The current rally as seen in the chart below appears to be stalling near the $2.50~$2.55 level, which goes all the way back to the Fibonacci Predictive Modeling System trigger levels from April 2020 and October 2020 (see the RED LINES on the chart). We believe any stalling price levels near the $2.55 level will breakout to the upside with a further rally attempting to target the $2.95 level. After that level is reached, there is a potential that a further upside price move may take place, but we would urge skilled traders to consider the $2.85 to $2.95 level as the “pull profit” level. Any further leg higher may, or may not, actually happen....Continue Reading Here.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Precious Metals Cycles Demand Attention

Over the past few weeks and months, my research team and I have been actively publishing this research to help you better understand what is really happening in the markets right now. With Gold trading above $2,000 for the first time and Silver trading near $27.50, skilled traders need to understand the risks in the markets that precious metals are warning of. Think of it like this, as long as Gold continues to trade near or above $1900, the risk levels in the global markets are at extreme levels for traders and investors. If Gold breaks above $2,400, then there is a very real concern that the global markets could be close to some type of decline/collapse event.


My research team believes the US stock market has already peaked near the January/February 2018 market highs. Our proprietary index analysis and price modeling systems suggest the US stock market has been buoyed by the U.S. Federal Reserve stimulus and foreign capital inflows (investment) while the US Dollar has strengthened. This trend may continue for a number of weeks or months, but precious metals are already warning that real fear has accelerated to levels we’ve not seen since 2010-2011....Continue Reading Here.

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