Thursday, April 23, 2020

Our MarketClub Members Bailed Before Crude Oil Went Negative

If the world wasn't strange enough right now, the crude oil market just took it up a notch. On Monday, April 20, 2020, the May contract for WTI Crude Oil fell to negative $37/barrel, bizarre territory after a record breaking price drop.

Futures traders are rightfully concerned about decreased demand, overproduction, and limited storage space. MarketClub members were thankfully sitting on the sidelines (or were riding the move down) after getting an exit signal for this liquid energy fund.

What’s the Next Move for USO?

MarketClub members have the Chart Analysis Score at their fingertips. If and when the USO trend reverses, members will see the score increase and will receive Trade Triangle signals as the ETF establishes new short term, intermediate, and long-term bullish trends.

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

We Adjusted Our Retirement Account Positions with This Major Signal Issued - Did You Get The Signal?

Our trading partner Chris Vermeulen, who are readers have followed for a while now, is loving what is happening in the markets for the last three weeks. He wants a big bounce here because it is going to set us up with a huge long-term investment position once price confirms this next entry signal.

Last week Chris issued a trade alert to members of his long-term investing newsletter. This allows you to protect your wealth and assets while continuing to take advantage of opportunities generated by the U.S and global markets over the next several months and possibly into next year. This is the first trade alert issued in 2020 of this kind, and he may have another very soon, but it's not too late to take advantage of the first signal.

If you are a trader or investor, with a retirement account of any type, or have assets in the stock market, then you need to take action and sign up to get these important investment trade signals.

We all have trading accounts, and while our trading accounts are important, what is even more important are our long-term investment and retirement accounts. Why? Because they are, in most cases, our largest store of wealth other than our homes.

If they are not protected during a time like this, you could lose another 25-50% or more of your entire net worth. The good news is we can preserve and even grow out long term capital when things get ugly like they are now and Chris shows us how.

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Chris Vermeulen
Founder of The Technical Traders

Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Stock & ETF Trading Signals